What Are Reasons to Go to CSULB For CS?

If you are interested in majoring in Computer Science, you may be wondering why to go to CSULB. There are many reasons why students choose the school and I want to mention a few here.

The first is location, location, location! CSULB is located right next to the beach which makes it a great place for surfing lessons if that’s your thing or just enjoying some sun on the weekends.

Another reason people choose this school is because of its reputation as being one of the top schools in California for computer science degrees.

In fact, CSULB has been ranked #1 multiple times by U.S News & World Report and continues to be an excellent choice for any student who wants a quality education at an affordable price with access

Whether you’re thinking about transferring to CSULB or already a student, CSULB could be the right choice for you! Our school is known for its high ranked programs in computer science. With many different options available, there are plenty of reasons to attend our campus.

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